Green Tree Boa - This beautiful green snake is about a metre long and was seen on a tree branch overlooking a river in Laos





 Big snake in a plastic sack ( Python ? )

This was for sale in the local shop ( Laos, 280,000 Kip ) it weighs 14 Kgs and the shopkeeper said it does not bite and is easy to handle (!)


- but she made no attempt to wake it up and remove the bag so I could get a better photo !






This amazing spider keeps its legs together in pairs and does zig-zag webs ( Laos )



This bulky spider lived in the downstairs toilet - it's nearly as big as the housebrick !

( Laos )



This medium-sized spider was just outside the toilet



This spider has really long legs - for a few days there were hundreds of them outside the window (!) and then they all departed ( Laos )



Baby spider exo-skeleton - found in my room ! Don't know how many times they shed their skin, but they get much bigger than this. Scale is centimetres - not inches ! ( Laos )



A BIG hairy moth came into the workshop ( Laos )



Here it is next to my hand to give an idea of its size



Another pretty moth



The biggest Moth I have ever seen - about 12" wingspan

It was in a difficult place to photograph ( Laos )




A similar, although smaller, moth



Next to my hand to give an idea of its size




Dragonflies are common and hover over the lake ( Laos )



Green and blue butterfly ( Laos )



Orange butterfly seen in Pakse, Laos next to Mekong river



Striped butterfly on coffee beans - it keeps one set of wings folded on left side and has a big white spot on one wing only ( Laos )



Moth - a bit tatty  ( Laos )



These bugs are quite heavy but have powerful wings and slam into lights outside at night - the Lao eat them !



A big bug ( Laos )



The caretaker holding the same big bug



I think this is a Mantis ?  - quite big - on kitchen door ( Laos )



Wasp nest  ( Laos )







A pretty, spotted moth/butterfly ( ? )  MAY 2019




This little furry bat was under my car - dead, but not squashed - I did not park on it !



Long Antennae


Big Green Bug


Prickly bug with Pom-Poms

  - this was in the car park.


Leg-over ?

Two lizards getting a leg-over in my apartment !