I have decided on Kratie as a homebase as it is a very nice place ( and about half-way between Phnom Penh and the Laos border )

It is pronounced KRO-JEH - but sometimes spelt Kracheh, Kratie or KratiƩ

I have rented this apartment. I am on the top floor at the rear - only four apartments on a floor and so I have 1/4 of the top floor.

Front-side view :

They are not cracks on the outside of the building - they are satellite and phone cables ! 

Rear view :  I have left the doors open to the veranda - quite safe - the adjacent air-con apartment occupants don't open the veranda doors to keep the cold in so I have all of the top-floor veranda and roof

 Lowering a 3000 litre water tank down from the roof of my apartment. There was a problem with the water that day. This was as viewed from my veranda. Hot weather to be without water !


I am working at UME University as an English teacher   -  year one, year two and year three. Year one students are mostly hopeless ( with some exceptions ) Year two are much better   -   year three is really a current affairs and general science course.                                                                                                                        

Between U.M.E. and the riverfront is this hotel - quite near my apartment - rooms from $7

Seems a strange name to choose ?  HOR sounds the same as WHORE but at least they didn't spell it that way !                                                                                                                                    


 Gro-ngoong trees along the riverside

( Cambodan Rosewood - the third most expensive wood in the world ! )

 Nearly every variety of tree has its Latin classification - a nice touch.

There were storms after New Year and some trees were uprooted - mostly dead ones. This is a Delonix Regia.


This tree couldn't cope with the storm either ... 

 And now for something completely different !

YES - they eat dogs in Cambodia !

There are horse and carts in Kratie ! This one seemed to be asleep ? Notice the poop-collector under the tail - don't need to waste good manure ! Also notice the wheel-brake.



 Another horse and cart in the Temple


 This road near the market is being re-made

It is concreted in sections - all work done by hand


    A few days later one of the workers recognised me and asked me to take another picture of the road-making including him this time ! He is in the next picture, but in the background a bit - he has an orange stripe around the bottom of his jacket. You can see the FM radio mast of Kratie Radio in the distance.


April 25th 2019 

Views from balcony


 Unfortunately, everywhere there is construction of new buildings  . . .